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Remote Team Members

For Property Managers

Here are some of the ways that you could use your Remote Team Member in your company.

Outbound Virtual Assistant

We offer a Texting and Cold Calling Software Setup service with our recommended software providers.  As an example, our recommended Cold Calling Software has a flat fee monthly per user fee with unlimited calling, versus other software providers that charge a standard fee and per minute usage fees. 

Articulate and pleasant phone voice

We screen for cold callers that have minimal accents and no background noises in their environment.

Outbound calling call to fill your listed properties

We monitor their weekly performance and will intervene with coaching and/or begin seeking a replacement if the leads that they generate dip below 20 for the week.

We Audit and Review Calls and Texts

We listen to and audit the VA's calls for coaching and to proactively identify issues. The recordings are available for you to access also at anytime.

Outbound VAs

Our affiliated site, Outbound VA’s has a detailed description of our offerings for Outbound Cold Callers and Texters. 

Inside Support of U.S. Based Team

To increase the productivity of your team, hiring a Virtual Assistant to support them can be very profitable. Having your team focused on high dollar-producing activities and then having a virtual assistant helping with their busy work can really free up your U.S. based staff to be more efficient. 

Lead and Data Entry

Having your Virtual Assistant updating your CRM and overseeing the flow of data in your business can make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Task Followup

Having your VA followup with your U.S. based team on critical task completion can make sure tasks don't get forgotten.

Repetitive processes

Having your Virtual Professional complete repetitive processes can free up the U.S. based team to close deals and better serve your customers.

Assistant Property Manager

This position is talking directly with prospective tenants and landlords. They are assisting a property manager with the management of the property. They can scheduling appointments, confirming employment, working with vendors, updating the PM software, and following up with prospective renters.

Schedule Appointments

Have your Assistant Property Manager schedule appointments for you or your contractors

Follow up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Have your Assistant Property Manager follow up with your tenants about showings or on their repair requests

Confirming Employment and Background

Have your Assistant PM confirm employment and income information

Conducting Spot Virtual Inspections

Have your Assistant Property Manager conduct property inspections with the tenant on Zoom, then upload the recording to your cloud-based storage system.

Maintenance Coordinator

Your VA can act as a maintenance coordinator for your company

Respond to tenant repair requests

Have your virtual assistant acknowledge and respond to tenant repair requests

Get Owner Approval

Have your virtual assistant contact the owner for owner approval

Dispatch Vendors

Have your VA contact vendors on your approved list to coordinate the repairs

Confirm completion of repairs

Have your VA confirm with the tenant that the repairs were completed

Our Services

Included Services That We Offer

Screen Monitoring of workers on a daily basis

Included in our remote team member service is monitoring of your Virtual Assistants screen every 15 minutes.

Virtual Professionals supporting your business

College Educated and background checked virtual professionals with great English supporting your business.

If a VA doesn't workout, we will replace them quickly

We want you to succeed. If a VA doesn't work out, then we will have at least 3 available to you to choose from within 1 week.

Interviews with 3 Virtual Assistants at a time

We will schedule an interview for you to evaluate 3 Virtual Assistants. You can decide on 1 or more, or choose from 3 more to evaluate.

Hiring cold callers, outbound texters, lead managers and inside virtual professionals radically improved my Real Estate Business. After getting up to 10 VA's in business and seeing the benefits, I decided to help other businesses by delivering them trained and qualified Virtual Professionals

Matthew Recore, President 1-844-Exit-As-Is Inc. and Outbound VA's

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