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Needs Assessment

On our introduction call and following conversations we will conduct a needs assessment to identify the roles and responsibilities of your future VA.

Monthly health care insurance reimbursement provided

After 3 months of working with a client, the VA is eligible for health care insurance reimbursement paid by us at no extra charge to the client.

We pay Virtual Assistants weekly

We pay VA's weekly. This provides them with security and allows us to attract the best VA's.

Recruit and Match

We will find 3 Remote Team Members that potentially meet your requirements and schedule them for an interview.

Ongoing Screen Monitoring

We provide screen monitoring of every VA's desktop and ensure they are working just on your tasks.

Encourage Beginning and End of Day Updates

Every VA is encouraged send the client a beginning of day checkin message and end of day summary of work completed.

3 Candidate Interview Sessions

You will be able to interview 3 candidates and select from them or choose to interview 3 more.

Not an Employee to you, instead you are paying us and we pay your VA

No payroll or social security taxes. Your payment to us is a U.S. business-to-business transaction. 100% is tax deductible to your business.

72 Hour Replacement Interviews

If the VA doesn't workout for any reason then we will schedule 3 more candidate interviews within 72 hours.

Great English

We screen to make sure that every VA has great English and if they are working in a calling position, make sure that they have an understandable and pleasant voice.

College Educated

Most every VA is college educated or has equivalent or greater work experience.

Ongoing Coaching and Training

No Quiet Quitting, all work is measured

Since we track daily activity and each VA submits their daily activities and results, there is no wasted money possible through the actions of quiet quitting.

Call recording and monitoring

For clients on our recommended cold calling software we provide call monitoring of recorded calls. We provide feedback to your VA on how they can improve.

Cold Calling and Texting Software Setup if needed

We will setup your Cold Calling and Texting Software if needed through our Outbound VA's service.

Grateful and Appreciative VA's

Every VA that we work with has a grateful and appreciative attitude.

Six approved paid holidays

Each VA has 6 holidays off per year. They may be willing to work on those days if it permits for your business.

No paid time off unless approved by the client

If a VA does not work or misses a day then it is up to you if they get paid. We will issue you a credit to your credit card for those hours.

No U.S. Employment Law Issues

No threat of employee lawsuits, wrongful firing, payroll taxes, mandatory breaks, minimum wage laws, etc.

Team oriented culture with the Virtual Assistants

We maintain a team-oriented culture with all of our Virtual Assistants and Remote Team Members

Test out our service with a Part Time VA

Try out our service by booking a Part Time Virtual Assistant. Many start with a part time VA and grow to 2 or more full time VA's.

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