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Answers to some FAQs About Our Services


If you are unsatisfied with your Virtual Assistant for any reason after the Virtual Assistant starts working for you, or just would like a change, then contact us and we will have 3 more candidates for you to review within 1 week. If those don't work, then we will have 3 more. You can interview as many candidates as you like until you find a fit.   

Full-Time Cold Callers should generate between 15-35 leads per week. The numbers will vary depending on their skills and the list they are calling.  

Yes. Every Virtual Assistant will have a time and screen tracking tool that we provide and pay for that is installed on their computer.  We will periodically audit their screen and if you ever would like to check in what they were doing during a particular time we will let you know.  


Yes. The best way to test out our service is to sign up for a part-time VA.  If you like the services they are providing then you can increase their hours or get another part-time VA.  


Yes. When using our bundled outbound calling service, every call is recorded with the software that we recommend. You can listen to any recorded call and you can even listen in to live calls during the day.   


We have gone through 3 different cold calling software providers. Mojo, Calltools, and We now like Phoneburner the best. We provide installation and support of Phoneburner at this time because of their unlimited calling pricing model with no per minute charges.  For texting, we have gone through several as well. We currently use a custom provider and Lead Sherpa and offer setup services with each.  All software is in your company name. We help you set it up and maintain it as well provide the staff to run it for you.   


This depends on how many leads you would like and how much support you would need. We have 5 cold callers that produce for our Real Estate Investment business an average of 100 seller leads per week.  We have 1 VA that handles all of our texting.  We have 2 VA Lead Managers and 2 VA's that perform administration supporting activities.  So, in total, for our business we have 10 VA's right now. 


What we mean is that we bundle in the software setup, maintenance and staff to enable it to run on autopilot if you would like. You just sit back and work the leads that get dropped in your CRM.  You can turn your Cold Calling and Texting over to us and we will handle it all.  


As an example, for our Real Estate Investment business, our administration Virtual Assistant assists in getting offers written up, getting letter of intents written up, sending out Docusigns, responding to e-mails, responding to texts, helping setup appointments, managing our other VA's, sending us possible MLS deals, following up with property managers on rentals, reviewing property manager statements, and supporting the needs of our U.S. based employees. 


Yes we do. We provide the scripts that work in our Real Estate Investing business. You can edit them and change them how you see fit in the Cold Calling Software that you will have full access to as the account will be in your name.