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Here is a breakdown of how you can lower your costs by over 60% by adding a well educated Remote Team Member to your team.

Annual Cost of a Full Time US Based Employee

Base Salary$40,000 a year
($20.83 per hour)
$60,000 a year
($31.25 per hour)
Total Fica, Fuda, Suda and Workmans' Comp$4,868$7,302
Total Benefits$8,000$8,000
2 Weeks PTO$2,000$3,000
Total Annual Cost$54,868$78,302
Total Monthly Cost$4,572.33$6,525.16

Full Time Virtual Professional from Remote Team Members

Base Annual Salary$22,200
Total Fica, Fuda, Suda and Workmans' Comp$0
No Paid Time Off$0
We pay their medical benefits$0
Total Annual Cost$22,200
Total Monthly Cost$1,850

Part Time Virtual Professional (20 Hours Per Week)

Total Monthly Cost$1,050 per month

A Savings of over 60%

Hiring cold callers, outbound texters, lead managers and inside virtual professionals radically improved my Real Estate Business. After getting up to 10 VA's in business and seeing the benefits, I decided to help other businesses by delivering them trained and qualified Virtual Professionals

Matthew Recore, President 1-844-Exit-As-Is Inc. and Outbound VA's

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