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Benefits to our Virtual Assistants

We provide these services to your Virtual Assistants, transparency about your relationship with them.

Health Insurance

After 3 months with a client, we begin offering a monthly stipend for Health Insurance to each Virtual Assistant and every Remote Team Member

Weekly Payments

Rather than paying bi-weekly or monthly, we pay VA's weekly. Because VA's know they'll get paid, they're more loyal, appreciative and provide better service.

Ongoing Training and Support

We provide ongoing training and support based on their role. Your specific training for them always takes precedence.

Family Atmosphere

Many of Virtual Assistants know each other very well. We strive to build a positive and caring culture which helps us build a family atmosphere.

Hiring cold callers, outbound texters, lead managers and inside virtual professionals radically improved my Real Estate Business. After getting up to 10 VA's in business and seeing the benefits, I decided to help other businesses by delivering them trained and qualified Virtual Professionals

Matthew Recore, President 1-844-Exit-As-Is Inc. and Outbound VA's

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